Project Statement: Black Boy! Black Boy! Is my interpretation of #blackboyjoy, the movement of showcasing Black boys and men in non-threatening and candid manners, opposite of the images portrayed by traditional media. To further explore this topic I introduced the gaze of the black female photographer on the black man, as often Black women do not photograph black men. I believe this to be a tension that dates back to the Willie Lynch theory. 
I approached my peer, Brandon on the street and asked him for the privilege of photographing his portrait. During our session I wanted to be sure that I was able to capture a genuine part of who he is. We conversed in a manner that allowed any anxiety to be eased and his portrait captured.This was my first attempt in photographing a man with he goal of capturing beauty portraits. Soft pink and neutral tones were used to foster a sense of tranquilly. I introduced a color tint to emphasis the overall appearance of softness.
Creative Team
Photographer: Kandice Chavous
Model: Brandon T. Treco
Film Stock: 35mm Ektar 100

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