Project Statement: I chose “The Mona Lisa” by S.W. Poetry which encourages the reader to take a new perspective on what the Mona Lisa means to different people. My desire was to focus on capturing the essence of the model through different framing techniques, that could alter the viewer’s perception of her. To do this I focused on designing a set around my model. I used various textures and colors to create a soft and delicate backdrop. I have read many speculations about the most viewed work of art in the world, Mona Lisa and some hinted to the fact that Mona Lisa’s smile may be covering something else. But the interpretation is up to the viewer.
Creative Team:
Photographer/Stylist: Kandice Chavous
Stylist: Nadja Vogt
Models: Alex S represented by Studio Paris
Charlene represented by Cocaine Models
MUA: Maty Ndaw

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