Project Statement: Le fleck is the first fashion short I have ever filmed. My desire for every film I create is to focus on lighting the skin of my subject. One thing I've noticed in recent conversations around film is the lighting of darker skin tones. With recent films such as Moonlight and HBO's Insecure showing Black people in the best possible light, conversations have arisen about the proper ways to light darker skin tones. 
I wanted to explore some of these techniques in this fashion short. I was able to capture this by creating a halo around the model with backlighting and I placed a side light off to camera right for a rim effect. This paired with the reflective highlights of make-up causes model’s skin to almost glow. This reminded me of a fleck of light one might see in a diamond. 
Creative Team:
Video Director/ Editor: Kandice Chavous
Model: Julia Bakouetela
MUA: Rachel Taillebe

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