Project Statement: Upcycled is a trend focused fashion film that explores mixing of conventional and non-conventional fashion. For this project Kevin and I decided to mix analog photo and digital video to explore the idea of mixing medias. Fashion films have taken on many meanings for brands in the past few years, this is exploration on how multiple brands can be showcased in one cohesive film. Previous to this shoot I researched the idea of upcycling with the fashion industry. 
“Upcycled clothing is the method of taking old, worn out or damaged materials and transforming them into brand new pieces. Also referred to as re-purposed clothing, reused clothing and recycled clothing, upcyled garments are becoming increasingly popular in the contemporary fashion industry.” (omisakin) The idea of re-purposing and reconstructing fabric is one that I have done many times in my previous career as a fashion designer. Parting with a fashion stylist for this shoot created space for a more dynamic fashion short. 
Quoted Article - James Omisakin - 
Creative Team
Videography & Edit: Kandice Chavous & Kevin Buitrago
Photography: Kandice Chavous
Model: Ninalette Roose Represented by Mademoiselle
Styling: Ella Daile
Film Stock: 35mm Ektar 100

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