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01. Icarus’s Fall

Icarus's Fall is a visual poem shot exclusively on Super 8, which is the personification of the fall from glory that Black men often experience in society. The story of Icarus is one that mirrors the experience of the Black man in America. As he grows he is told to soar to the lofty heights of society but often finds himself a bit too close to the sun and ultimately his success becomes his own downfall. This internal turmoil is represented with a heavy contrast of waiting for the perfect time and dancing in the golden light of his desired glory.

The ultimate desire of this project was to showcase how delicate Black men are under the hard exterior they often portray. This is expressed in the soft hand of the fabric and finishes worn by the dancer after his period of self reflection. The grand scale of the location speaks to the stage that life is performed on for society's approval.
Director, Writer, Video Editor: Kandice Chavous

Talent: Somali Findlay

02. Feeling Smooth with Ilia Isorelýs Paulino

Our goal for this hyper-visual mini film is to showcase our talent’s outgoing and unique personality through the elevated lens of Bustle x European Wax Center. Throughout this film we’ll be focusing on what makes Ilia feel like her best, most confident self so she can be the best version of herself for those who might not be used to seeing body representation on the big screen. We’ll do this by allowing Ilia to muse, in her own words, on what she would put on her “feel great list”, a list of everything she does in her daily life to be her best self.

Director, Writer, Creative Producer: Kandice Chavous

Talent: Ilia Isorelýs Paulino

Director of Cinematography: Marshall Steif

03. Luxe Is In The Details

In our visually captivating content primed for social, we’ll meet Ashlynn Park as she reflects on the finer points of her journey and how each element contributes to her ongoing success.  A mix of extreme close ups highlighting the detail of her craft, paired with creative portraits and match cuts of the Genesis EV GV70 will comprise our visual language.  Alongside the Genesis EV GV70, we’ll thematically tie Ashlynn’s design philosophy to the design features of the vehicle, drawing parallels to highlight that luxe is often found in the details.

Director, Writer, Creative Producer: Kandice Chavous

Talent: Ashlynn PArk

Director of Cinematography: Steven Mastorelli

04. Square x Elite Daily

Our goal was to create a two-part dynamic video series that proves to enlighten and engage viewers on what it takes to make it as a “Generation E” business owner. From a social-first and authentic storytelling angle viewers see how Square has been integrated into her businesses’ digital footprint and is the best partner to help Gen-E entrepreneurs with their business operations. (Director’s Cut) 

Director, Video Editor, Creative Producer: Kandice Chavous

Talent: Natalia Spotts

Director of Cinematography: Luc Ung

05. Stir•ring

stir·ring /ˈstəriNG/
the beginning of something, such as an emotion or thought to be stirred, what a thing to aspire for.

Co-Director, Writer, Video Editor: Kandice Chavous

Co-Director: Jake Howell

Talent: Emma & Zya at Ford Models

06. Sands of Time

Beauty is a fickle ideology that passes and changes with time progress is slow and often reverted when challenged. This super 8 film essay is an exploration of the passing of time and the inevitable deterioration of the physical state. Each symbol represents the cycle of growth, depletion and regeneration. 

The spoken poem was written from a guided prompt given to an Artificial Intelligence program, which was taught beauty through the gaze of a human programer and left subjected to the internet. The moving capture was done fully with movie film to add in layers of texture and nostalgia often associated with things passed.

Director, Writer, Video Editor: Kandice Chavous

Talent: Christian Paris Blue

07. Maybelline New York  x Bustle

“Winning Look” features two professional women athletes at the top of their game.
Director, Writer, Creative Producer: Kandice Chavous

Talent: Ellie Smart

Director of Cinematography: Marshall Steif

New York City | Occasionally Paris
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